Bari, Brenno: I’ve been approached about the future, but I’m staying

Bari’s goalkeeper Brenno recently hinted at his future in an interview with Radio Bari.

In the interview, the young keeper expressed satisfaction with his progress in training and performances during matches. He said, “I feel better, I am doing well at every training session and match.” He also touched on the departure of Di Cesare, underlining the importance of Di Cesare while expressing faith in those set to replace him.

Brenno further addressed the team’s approach in the face of few threats saying that they have studied Mazzocchi, acknowledging his strong shooting skills and stressing the need for vigilance.

An interesting revelation came towards the end of his conversation when he admitted to receiving interest from other clubs in the transfer market. He acknowledged, “It’s true, I’ve been sought after.” However, he asserted his commitment to remain with his current club, Bari, by saying, “But I am staying!” His decision to extend his stay will come as a relief for Bari fans and management alike.

The comments were made in a radio interview he gave to Radio Bari.

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