Barcelona aims to secure Guiu’s renewal

Barcelona is looking to the future and is planning to secure the future of one of its rising stars, Marco Guiu.

Spanish player Marco Guiu, who has grown up in the Blaugrana’s youth academy, currently has a contract until 2025. However, Barcelona believes this is not enough.

According to Spanish publication Sport, the club intends to offer him a significant extension to his current deal. As the club’s management is convinced, Guiu has a bright future ahead and securing him for a longer period is a priority.

The coming days will likely provide more clarity regarding any potential contract extension foresights for Guiu. Disclaimer: more negotiations are needed and details concerning the length and terms of this proposed contract extension have not been released yet. Barcelona’s step to invest in Guiu’s future showcases their commitment to nurturing their homegrown talent too.

Given Barcelona’s reputation for developing young talent, most notably illustrated through the likes of Lionel Messi, securing Guiu for a longer term appears an integral part of this continued strategy.

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