Premier League and Bundesliga Giants are Eyeing Samardzic

Udinese’s Sporting Director, Federico Balzaretti, has been discussing transfer deals and the future of Samardzic in a chat with Italian newspaper, Tuttosport.

Speaking about Samardzic’s future, Balzaretti stated, “We prioritise the general good of Udinese over every individual player’s benefits. It’s clear that the player has suffered performance dips during intensive negotiations. He’s human, and it happens, but in recent games, his key characteristics have resurfaced. There is widespread interest from all the big clubs, including those from Germany and England, potentially even Juventus. We, as Udinese, have always had great relationships with Juventus. They are undoubtedly keeping an eye on him, but we can’t predict whether they will bet on him or not. He will certainly be a protagonist in the next transfer market.”

Referring to Napoli, Balzaretti remarked, “I have seen talented players, and I believe Napoli has missed a significant opportunity as both are strong players. It’s their loss, and I’m glad they have stayed with us to centralise our goal of staying afloat.”

When asked about Pafundi, Balzaretti shared, “We made a choice together with the boy, his agent, and family. Lausanne is a structured and organised club and we’re pleased that he immediately had a great impact with the environment.”

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