Baggio: La Fiorentina is playing great football and Italiano is a brilliant coach

Roberto Baggio, former player, has spoken about the current situation of Vincenzo Italiano’s Fiorentina in Serie A and in the cups. Speaking at the Festival dello Sport in Trento, Baggio not only discussed Fiorentina but also other topics.

In regards to Fiorentina, Baggio praised Italiano as a very talented coach, saying, “The Fiorentina is playing great football and Italiano is a very good coach. Congratulations to them.”

He also talked about the previous season, mentioning Napoli’s impressive style of play, saying, “In the past season, Napoli played amazing football and deserved the Scudetto.”

When it comes to the Italian national team, Baggio expressed his hope for Luciano Spalletti to achieve success as the coach, stating, “I hope Luciano Spalletti can repeat his success at the helm of Italy.”

Baggio acknowledged that Italian football is improving in terms of producing talented players, but also recognized the disappointment of not qualifying for the World Cup, saying, “At the level of champions, Italian football is coming back, but overall, we have never really gone away, even though we failed to qualify for the World Cup. However, I think that the winner of the European Championship should automatically qualify, and the regulations should be revised.”

When discussing his personal life off the field, Baggio mentioned that he follows football on YouTube with highlights, stating, “Outside of the field, my life is very simple, I follow football on YouTube with highlights.”

Baggio also revealed his admiration for Argentine forward Lautaro Martinez, saying, “A player that I really like now is Lautaro Martinez. I saw him when he was 18 years old playing for Racing. At the time, he was not called up, but I remember he said that there was still time to get there. He is not only the symbol of Inter but also an extraordinary and complete player.”

These statements were made by Roberto Baggio during his appearance at the Festival dello Sport in Trento.

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