Atypical Icelander Gudmundsson warmly welcomed in Genoa, says Ottolini

Marco Ottolini, the sporting director of Genoa, shared some thoughts before the kick-off of the match against Juventus.

Speaking to DAZN before the beginning of the game, Ottolini expressed his particular admiration for one of the team’s players, Gudmunsson. Describing him as an untypical Icelander, Ottolini noted that the player displays an unusual enthusiasm for training.

One of Ottolini’s direct comments was: “Gudmunsson? He’s an atypical Icelander. He’s a guy who is eager to train and shows particular enthusiasm. He possesses extraordinary qualities and we are very happy to have him.”

These words from Ottolini certainly highlight his approval of Gudmunsson and his unique set of skills. The player’s commitment and distinct qualities have clearly won him the admiration of the Genoa sporting director.

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