Atletico’s Griezmann: Inter similar to us, we can win everything

Atletico Madrid’s forward, Antoine Griezmann has spoken about his aspirations for the club for the year 2024. These comments were shared during an interview facilitated by Atletico Madrid.

Griezmann stated his determination to achieve victory with the club. He confirmed, “We will do everything possible to succeed. In the round of 16 Champions, we will face Inter, a difficult opponent, but similar to us.” He signaled his intent to fight in the league as long as possible, noting that anything can occur towards the end.

Besides expressing commitment towards his club Atletico Madrid, Griezmann also shared his personal ambition beyond the club. He expressed his aspiration to play in the Olympics representing France as an over-age player. The Frenchman pointed out that he’ll need to have this conversation with the team’s management but he is hopeful of securing their approval.

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