Atletico Madrid’s Simeone praises De Paul: Rodrigo is a crucial player for us

Atletico Madrid’s manager, Diego Pablo Simeone, has spoken to the press following their championship match against Sevilla.

During his press conference, Simeone placed emphasis on the importance of Rodrigo, a key player who, in his view, continues to show significant growth and potential. He said, “Rodrigo is a genuinely important player for us”, while also hinting at the player’s future contributions to the team.

According to Simeone, Rodrigo’s continuous development will not only benefit him personally, but also reinforce the performance of the team as a whole. He specifically stated, “What he will do more will primarily be a benefit for himself and then also for the team, because it will reinforce it further.” This information was relayed during Simeone’s post-match press conference.

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