Atletico Madrid President Cerezo on Inter: We’ll see how it goes

Enrique Cerezo, the president of Atletico Madrid, has given his thoughts following the Champions League draw against Inter Milan. Speaking to Movistar Tv, Cerezo acknowledged the calibre of the Italian side.

“Inter is a great team, leading in Serie A and Europe’s runner-up, we keep encountering the old teams of Mr. Simeone. We’ll see how it goes, we’ll face a tough opponent but also within reach. We hope to be in good conditions by February, we always step onto the field to win. Everything depends on injuries, we should arrive fine but many things can change in two months,” he said.

Notably, he admitted that ‘many things can change in two months’, throwing light on the unpredictable nature of the game and the potential impact of player injuries. The prospect of facing Inter Milan presents an interesting challenge for the Spanish club, especially given its historical connections with now Inter’s head coach Diego Simeone. All eyes will now be on how the preparations unfold for this highly anticipated clash, scheduled for February.

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