Atalanta’s Percassi on Champions League Aim: We Have No Limits

In an interview with Sky Sport before the clash against Salernitana, Luca Percassi, CEO of Atalanta, shed some light on the club’s ambitions, the ongoing stadium project, and its focus on youth development.

Speaking about the club’s Champions League ambitions, he said, “Atalanta has never set unreachable goals in recent years. Given the scale of our club, every match is crucial and we always aim to perform well and compete. We seek to secure our safety as quickly as possible, then battle for everything else and strive to replicate the great achievements of recent years. Serie A is very challenging, the competition makes it one of the most captivating leagues in Europe”.

With respect to the stadium project, Luca Percassi mentioned it remains on schedule. He remarked that it is “the largest investment in the club’s history, sadly reaching up to 100 million. We wanted to provide a suitable home for Atalanta and its fans”. This statement hints at high hopes for the renovated and revamped stadium for the coming season.

Continuing with club’s tradition of focusing on youth development, Percassi spoke proudly about Atalanta’s U23 team. “We strive to maintain our strong and clear identity, our youth sector forms part of our society. The demonstration of this is our U23 project. We played nine players from our youth teams in the Europa League, something that fills us with pride. Each match is complicated and Serie A is always a very challenging league.”

The interviews with Sky Sport looks to provide a good insight into Percassi’s vision for Atalanta with topics ranging from UEFA tournament hopes to youth development.

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