Atalanta’s Koopmeiners: Happiness will come when we win the cup

Atalanta midfielder Teun Koopmeiners has shared his thoughts on the club’s triumphant win against AC Milan in the Coppa Italia.

Speaking to the club’s official channels, the Dutch player expressed satisfaction at Atalanta’s progress to the semi-finals, crediting teammate Aleksey Miranchuk for his role in scoring the second goal.

Koopmeiners acknowledged the strength of their opponents, particularly individual players, and highlighted the challenges Atalanta faced in making a comeback.

“The last-minute equaliser was a game-changer ahead of the second half, where we played well,” said Koopmeiners, reiterating the significance of a strategic draw before the break.

Despite the current victory, Koopmeiners conveyed only guarded contentment, stating, “I would be extremely pleased if we were to win the cup”. The midfielder’s focus clearly remains on the ultimate prize – lifting the Coppa Italia trophy.

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