Atalanta vs Sassuolo: Top performers and letdowns from Coppa Italia match

At Bergamo’s Gewiss Stadium, a crucial match under the umbrella of the 2023/2024 Coppa Italia took place between Atalanta and Sassuolo. The notable highlights and performances from the match, including the top performers and those who didn’t meet the expectations, along with the match ratings were discussed.

Standout performers were in full action, putting on a show that had audiences at the edge of their seats. As well as those who failed to perform, there were plenty of talking points resulting from disparate performances on the field.

Overall match ratings revealed a clear picture of which team dominated the pitch. Every individual rating contributes to the overall team performance which was elaborately displayed at the end of the battle on the field.

Details are according to coverage provided by Calcio News 24.

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