Atalanta to face Real Calepina in friendly after Coppa Italia on Thursday

In anticipation of the upcoming Coppa Italia, Atalanta has scheduled a friendly match against Real Calepina. The game is set to take place at the Centro Bortolotti Zingonia, and it’s going to be an open-door event.

The official statement released says, “On Thursday 11th January, the Nerazzurri will play a friendly at the Centro Bortolotti in Zingonia against Real Calepina, a team competing in the Serie D championship. The match will kick off at 3pm and will be an open-door event, but with limited capacity until seats are exhausted.”

It’s worth mentioning that Real Calepina is currently engaged in the Serie D league, the fourth tier of Italian football. This game will serve as a significant preparation for Atalanta as they await their Coppa Italia match.

This friendly game is scheduled for Thursday, indicating Atalanta’s commitment to staying competitive and maintaining fitness levels as they navigate their season.

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