Atalanta to carefully consider Bakker’s transfer

Atalanta Football Club is currently in a tight spot concerning footballer Bakker, as several factors have led to him underperforming his potential at the club. Bakker, who was expected to flourish in the left wing, has become a divisive figure among critics.

So far, Bakker has only made 12 appearances with an average of 27 minutes per game – a situation somewhat forced by constraints of time, space, and the adverse evaluation of coach Gasperini. Gasperini expressed his dissatisfaction with the Dutch player’s performance, despite Bakker having previously demonstrated his potential at PSG.

Gasperini has underlined that mastering his style of play, which encompasses the entire field, typically requires at least one year of learning. However, with rising star Ruggeri claiming his spot on the team, it becomes increasingly challenging for Bakker to find his place.

Additionally, Bakker has been somewhat inconsistent. While he had a stand-out 90-minute game against Rakow and some impressive final moments against Juve, he was barely noticeable in the game against Udine, and was notably the weakest link in Turin where he showcased some glaring defensive weaknesses. These performance highs and lows are expected, but in a tightly-knit game, one bad moment can be fatal.

The Atalanta is left with the question: What actions should be taken in January? There are numerous offers on the table, and Atalanta seems to be leaning towards a straightforward loan, in order for Bakker to return at the end of the season with more experience. Yet, this decision hinges on whether Atalanta can afford to thin out their defense line amidst injury concerns and the subjective lack of purely left-footed players like Matteo. New addition to the team? Bakker might find himself facing the same problems but with much less time. Spending more money after significant investments in defense isn’t considered the best move.

Significant updates on Bakker’s future are expected soon. If a loan move is necessary for him to come back fully prepared for Atalanta, it would be welcomed. Despite the limited time that a player has to prove himself immediately, it is essential considering that recently successful recruits to the club only managed to achieve significant results in their second half of the season, after initially struggling. This cycle seems to be repeating itself with Bakker’s case.

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