Atalanta still keen on Suslov but Verona aiming for an auction amidst transfer dealings.

Atalanta continues to monitor Suslov in this transfer window, but Verona aims for an auction over the attacking midfielder.

For a long time, Atalanta has been tracking Suslov, and the interest has certainly not waned given the need to acquire an attacking midfielder to bolster the entire squad.

Despite Atalanta’s persistent interest, the club has yet to make any formal offer for the player.

However, Verona has entered the fray, looking to initiate an auction for Suslov, intensifying the competition for his signature.

Sources close to Atalanta indicate the club is carefully assessing its options and remains optimistic about securing their target.

“Suslov fits perfectly into the kind of player we want to bring into the team,” an anonymous source within Atalanta stated, according to Sky Sports Italia.

Verona’s approach could potentially drive up Suslov’s price, making the transfer saga even more intriguing as both clubs vie for his services.

One cannot rule out the possibility of other clubs entering the race, which would further complicate the scenario.

Fans await more updates as the tension builds around Suslov’s future in this bustling transfer period.

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