Atalanta Secure De Ketelaere Permanently

Charles De Ketelaere is now officially an Atalanta player, with the club having completed his permanent transfer from AC Milan.

Atalanta BC has confirmed the news through an official statement.

“Atalanta BC is pleased to announce that Charles De Ketelaere is now 100% an Atalanta player,” the club said in a press release.

The Belgian midfielder had been on loan at Atalanta from AC Milan, and the club has now exercised the option to make the move permanent.

De Ketelaere’s performances this season have convinced Atalanta’s management to secure him as an integral part of the team moving forward.

Fans and analysts alike have been impressed with De Ketelaere’s adaptability and flair on the field.

The official statement from Atalanta has put an end to all rumours and speculations surrounding the player’s future.

As De Ketelaere prepares for this new chapter, expectations are high for what he will bring to the squad.

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