Atalanta, Ruggeri: Decisive match for our ranking

Matteo Ruggeri, Atalanta’s full-back, has offered his thoughts on the heated match against Salernitana in a conversation with Sky Sport.

Addressing the importance of the game, Ruggeri highlighted the opportunity to continue their winning momentum following their victory against Milan. He emphasised, “This will be a crucial match for us. We’re aiming to win, building on the positive streak we’ve begun.”

Ruggeri displayed respect towards the opponent, labeling Salernitana as a profoundly organised team. He stated that full commitment and precision in every detail are essential for securing a win in this important fixture.

When asked about his starting position, Ruggeri suggested that maintaining consistency in appearances and performances had been key to his success. Referring to his role in the team, he suggested, “The more you play, the more you can show what you’re capable of. Given our style of play, this particular position can be a game changer in some matches.” This reveals his confidence in Atalanta’s tactical approach to the game and his contribution to it.

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