Atalanta reportedly near to deal with Cagliari for Miranchuk, set asking price

Atalanta are reportedly nearing negotiations with Cagliari for the transfer of Aleksey Miranchuk.

Sources close to the club indicate that discussions are imminent, as confirmed by the latest updates from Atalanta.

As one door closes, another opens, with Atalanta also expected to secure the arrival of Nicolo Zaniolo in the near future.

“It looks promising for Zaniolo’s move to Atalanta,” revealed a source. “If all goes well, we could see him in Atalanta colours soon.”

The potential departure of the Russian attacking midfielder, Aleksey Miranchuk, comes after a commendable season where he emerged as a pivotal figure for Atalanta.

“Aleksey has been outstanding this season, truly making a name for himself,” commented the source.

Cagliari have expressed keen interest in acquiring Miranchuk, with Atalanta setting a firm price for his transfer.

Details on the precise fee have been closely guarded, but it is believed to be within a reasonable range, reflecting Miranchuk’s recent form and potential.

“The price is fair and reflects Aleksey’s contributions and potential,” the source added.

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