Atalanta reportedly looking to bolster their wide positions in the transfer market.

Atalanta’s winger department and the desire to rebuild using the summer transfer market after the recent season.

The story between Atalanta and their wingers can be compared to Harry Potter’s experience with magical wands: trying, retrying, and causing damage to the shop before finding the right one, with Ollivander watching on.

Sporting Director Giovanni Sartori commented on their strategy, saying, “Our focus this summer is on strengthening our flanks. We need players who can make an immediate impact.” This statement was made during an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

In the last season, Atalanta experienced mixed performances from their wingers. Some players failed to meet expectations, prompting the club to reconsider their options ahead of the new campaign.

Sartori added, “Identifying the right talent is crucial. We’ve been closely monitoring a few prospects who we believe could fit perfectly into our system.” This was also revealed in his conversation with Gazzetta dello Sport.

The club acknowledges the need for patience and precision in the transfer market. It is hoped that this approach will yield the ideal players to enhance their squad’s performance on the wings.

Atalanta’s management remains optimistic about making strategic purchases to build a robust team for the upcoming season.

Fans eagerly await updates on potential signings as the summer transfer window unfolds.

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