Atalanta: How Influential Will Lookman Be in Africa Cup?

Ademola Lookman emerged as the match-winner in the clash against Lecce but will now be absent to partake in the Africa Cup of Nations. The key question surrounding Atalanta now is how they will cope with his absence.

Lookman himself, after wrapping up the Atalanta-Lecce game with a razor-sharp strike from outside the box, confidently stated his faith in his fellow teammates. He is sure they will sufficiently substitute his absence as he heads off for the African Cup. The Nigerian international forward appears ready to rise to the occasion with the right spirit and energy. But the impact of his absence in Atalanta’s attack will only be truly felt in January.

On a numerical basis, Lookman, currently, is Atalanta’s top scorer under Gasperini, all seven of his goals coming in the domestic league. Scamacca has contributed one of his six goals to European football, Muriel is significantly more productive outside Italy, while Ederson seems to have slowed down and De Ketelaere stands at two goals in Serie A as well as in the Europa League. In essence, it’s up to everyone to step up a notch. However, the roster of forwards or offensive midfielders at Atalanta remains top-notch.

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