Assocalciatori and clubs at odds, Calcagno rejects extension of Growth Decree

The president of the Italian Footballers’ Association (AIC), Umberto Calcagno, is opposing Italian clubs and leagues regarding the extension of the growth decree. Calcagno has addressed his concerns to Ministers Abodi and Giorgetti.

Calcagno’s objections are not rooted in economic interests, but instead are focused on protecting the talent and sporting heritage represented by Italian football players. In a statement, Calcagno stressed that, “the reasons are tied not to economic interests but to the necessity of protecting the talent and sporting heritage represented by Italian footballers”. This statement was delivered to the ministers in a report containing alarming data over the presence of Italian and foreign players in Serie A.

According to Calcagno, some teams are composed of as much as 90% foreign footballers. The president of AIC believes that shifting this trend and re-establishing competitive parity between Italian and foreign athletes, could promote system growth, particularly with regard to the national team.

The source of these statements is a letter addressed to the ministers. In it, Calcagno clearly communicates his stance against the requested extension of the growth decree. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the development and inclusivity of Italian talent within the sport.

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