Andreazzoli on Empoli: Lecce an annoying adversary, need for a significant incident

Empoli’s manager, Aurelio Andreazzoli, has shared his views ahead of their forthcoming Serie A match against Lecce during a press conference.

Andreazzoli emphasized the tactical challenges his side is set to face in the upcoming clash and highlighted Lecce’s strengths with their 4-3-3 formation. He acknowledges the difficulty in tackling Lecce, noting their style is “extremely troublesome” to contend with and their interpretation of the game impresses him.

The Empoli boss underlined that they are heading into the match with full awareness of these challenges. He commented, “We confront them aware of this. Performance is always more or less there. I remember a 20-minutes gap at Frosinone, then the team rarely falters.”

Andreazzoli also noted that it’s often particular incidents that shape the outcome of a match and the play itself. However, it’s clear that he feels prepared to face Lecce and it should prove to be an intriguing contest.

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