Ancelotti says he hasn’t asked Real Madrid’s Perez for a market gift

Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, spoke during a press conference on the eve of the King’s Cup match against Arandina.

“One can’t forget that we are the reigning champions and this competition brought us much joy last year. We will strive to claim victory yet again and will do our best in the match tomorrow,” Ancelotti stated concerning their upcoming game.

The manager also confirmed some absences in their line-up. “The only ones not travelling will be Kroos, who is dealing with some issues, Mendy, Tchouameni and Vinicius, who needs to complete his recovery. The rest of the players will be with us,” Ancelotti explained. He further expressed his confidence that Mendy will return in time for the Supercopa, along with Toni.

At the press conference, Ancelotti also addressed his relationship with Real Madrid’s President Perez. “No, I haven’t asked for any gifts from the transfer market. I have a great relationship with Perez and have not asked for more than what he’s already given me. He been giving me everything, in terms of affection, emotion, and a good working relationship,” says Ancelotti.

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