Ahead of Lecce Cagliari, D’Aversa urges focus and downplays transfer market significance

Lecce manager Roberto D’Aversa spoke in a press conference ahead of his team’s clash with Cagliari. He discussed the team’s preparation, available players, as well as the importance of the mental aspect of the game.

D’Aversa disclosed that players Almqvist and Pongracic have completed full training with the squad. “Pontus participated throughout the week, whereas Marin had to stop after the first day but resumed today. We’ll evaluate today if they’ll start or not,” D’Aversa said.

He also talked about Lecce’s forthcoming opponents, Cagliari. D’Aversa stressed that considering the adversary, one tactical aspect cannot be the sole focus. “More than this, the mental aspect and determination will be critical. In Bergamo, we had a few difficult minutes after conceding the goal, however, much less than Atalanta faced. It would be a mistake to think that because we did well in Bergamo, it will be easy against Cagliari. We are seeking to write an important page in the club’s history, not just for the record itself, but because it would be a significant step towards survival,” he expressed.

D’Aversa insisted that players will need to adapt to Cagliari’s changing formations, highlighting that they often exploit vertical play and make good use of headers.

When asked about the transfer market, the Italian coach stated: “We are focusing on tomorrow’s game, what my needs are or are not, does not matter. As you know, before such an important game, I want to stay focused on it.”

D’Aversa also spoke about the role of the fans. “I’ve been saying this since the start of the championship. Currently, we are in an emergency, we might have to play with Blin in place of Pongracic. If we want to reach our goals despite numerical difficulties, the support of the public is crucial. With the stadium backing us, we can outdo our ability. We need a solid environment that pushes its team as always, even more so as it’s a point-hoarding match,” he said.

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