Agent explains why Dragusin chose Tottenham over Napoli

Romanian defender Radu Dragusin’s transfer from Genoa to Tottenham has been discussed by his agent, Florin Manea, in an interview with TMW.

The Romanian defender had options to stay in Italy, according to Manea. “Napoli were very interested from the outset, I had many conversations with De Laurentiis. He was also wanted by Milan. But the player preferred a move abroad, in part due to his bond with Genoa’s supporters,” Manea said.

There was also interest from further afield. “Bayern Munich came into the picture on the final day before his departure. It was a normal to consider them. But he honoured his commitment to Tottenham,” Manea revealed in his interview with TMW.

Manea continued to speak on Dragusin’s Italian options, “Napoli was the most solid option in Italy. But Radu didn’t want to go to another Italian team, he didn’t even want to leave Genoa mid-season… he was thinking more about the red and blue fans than his own career. Milan made an inquiry, I spoke with Moncada but I told him we had already chosen Tottenham. We’re happy with the choice, Radu always keeps his word when he gives it.”

Finally, Manea spoke of Dragusin’s long-term desire to play in England. “He wants to play every match. He’s been dreaming of the Premier League since childhood. When he was 16, I predicted he would go to England. They call me the Nostradamus of Romania.”

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