Agent Criticises Fiorentina Over Bonaventura’s Departure, Comments on Milan and Juve

Today, Enzo Raiola, the agent of Giacomo Bonaventura, has commented on the future of his client. In an interview with Radio Sportiva, Raiola shared his thoughts on the situation with Fiorentina and the player’s prospects.

“Jack wanted to stay at Fiorentina, but they were disrespectful,” Raiola said in a candid discussion about the recent breakdown in negotiations.

Raiola elaborated on the club’s attitude, highlighting the perceived lack of respect shown towards Bonaventura. His remarks have sparked conversations about the club’s dealings and their treatment of players.

When asked about the possibility of Bonaventura moving to other top clubs, such as AC Milan or Juventus, Raiola remained tight-lipped. “Regarding Milan and Juve, I will say that…” Raiola trailed off, leaving fans eager for more information.

The agent’s strong words have set the stage for further speculation about Bonaventura’s next move and whether larger clubs might snap up the talented midfielder. Radio Sportiva continues to follow the story, promising more updates as they unfold.

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