Ag. Oyono: Deserves a big break, but Frosinone won’t give it away easily

Fabrizio Ferrari, the agent of Frosinone defender Anthony Oyono, has outlined the future of his client on Radio CRC, acknowledging market interest for the player.

Ferrari boasted about Oyono’s versatility as a key strength, indicating his successful first season in Serie A and his potential for further growth. He asserted that although Frosinone cannot afford to compete financially with larger clubs, exploring all market options should be an objective for every team during the transfer window.

Ferrari suggested that what might hold clubs back is the bravery it takes to invest playing time into youth. He championed the invaluable difference a supportive coach can make in a player’s development. “The trust a coach gives you, even if you play a bad game, can make the difference, it’s priceless, and it’s what helps you grow,” he said on Radio CRC.

In addition, Ferrari hailed Oyono’s proven ability to perform in high-level contexts, citing his commitment and serious approach to training and games. He also hinted at a potential move for Oyono in the near future, either in January or June, to a more prominent club. He firmly stated, “I don’t think Frosinone would give him away, but I believe that come January or June, he deserves a chance in a significant club.”

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