Ag. Bennacer: Thriving at Milan but hindered by injury

Enzo Raiola, the agent of AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer, opened up about the Algerian’s future with the Serie A club in an interview with Dazn.

Raiola revealed, “He has repeatedly confirmed that he is happy at Milan.” He went on to express his admiration for Bennacer’s recovery from a recent serious injury in just a few months, describing it as “truly exceptional.”

Moreover, Raiola candidly admitted to having been pleasantly surprised by Bennacer’s resolve and commitment. He confessed that he had initially expected Bennacer to return in March, only for the player to prove him wrong.

In the interview, Raiola also compared Bennacer’s situation with that of another player he represents, Jack Bonaventura. He observed that the older Bonaventura had a slightly more difficult time recovering from injuries, attributing it to the natural effects of ageing.

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