Adani Unyielding: Claims Huijsen was Aldair Last Sunday, But Now…

Former footballer Daniele Adani has offered an analysis of Huijsen’s performance in the Lazio-Roma match on his Instagram account.

Adani was highly complimentary about Huijsen’s play, drawing parallels with the Roma legend, Aldair. “On Sunday, Huijsen was like Aldair with the way he played, regarded as one of Roma’s greatest ever defenders for a time”, Adani said in his Instagram post.

However, Adani also criticised Huijsen for a particularly aggressive play which caused a penalty kick. According to Adani’s post on Instagram, Huijsen “committed a serious foul leading to a penalty and now he can no longer wear his football boots.”

In conclusion, Adani lamented about what he perceives as an overly critical response in Italy when players make mistakes. He insinuated that this tendency toward overreacting represents an aspect in which their country can sometimes fall short.

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