Adani: Inzaghi in his comfort zone doesn’t miss, but the game often requires some changes

Daniele Adani, former player, spoke on La Domenica Sportiva about the current situation of Inter under Simone Inzaghi in the league. Adani believes that Inter has the strongest squad compared to Juventus, especially with the added challenge of the Champions League. Adani mentioned that managing the team’s lineup and rotations, as well as the mental aspect, is crucial. He highlighted the mental energy spent when playing every three days, with Inter having played at least seven times in three weeks. The coach needs to have clarity in his pre-game choices and be able to make changes during the match. Adani described Inzaghi as a conservative coach who doesn’t often deviate from his comfort zone. However, in certain situations, more creativity and changes are necessary. Adani used Stefano Pioli’s substitution of Yacine Adli for Olivier Giroud during the Milan game as an example, where the team had four players in the box during the goal-scoring action.

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