Abodi: “Euro 2032, a Great Opportunity, but Concerns over Stadiums!”

Andrea Abodi, Minister for Sports, spoke to Ansa about the assignment of the 2032 Europeans to Italy and Turkey. He stated, “‘Euro 2032 being assigned to Italy represents a great opportunity that should generate positive legacy well before that event and not only in the cities directly involved in the event. Good work to the FIGC to which we will give our full support to contribute to the organization of this fascinating event, the positive impacts of which are not escaping us from a tourism perspective, but which we hope can, priority, contribute to the improvement of political relations for the benefit of peace. It will be important, on the one hand, to interpret what football will be like in nine years, in a rapidly changing world, and to work hard and constructively for today’s football, which must set the concrete and non-deferable goal of improving infrastructure, the management model, and the methods of interaction with fans and supporters, starting from the younger generations.'”

These words from Andrea Abodi, Minister for Sports, came after Italy was awarded the hosting rights for the 2032 European Championship, alongside Turkey. Abodi emphasized the importance of utilizing this opportunity to create a positive legacy well in advance of the event, extending beyond the cities directly involved. He expressed his support to the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in organizing this captivating event, acknowledging the promising impact it will have on tourism. However, Abodi also highlighted the significance of prioritizing the enhancement of political relations for the sake of peace.

Additionally, Abodi discussed the need to anticipate the evolving nature of football and to work diligently towards improving the sport’s infrastructure, management model, and engagement with fans. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the younger generations in these efforts, recognizing them as the future of football.

These remarks from Andrea Abodi underline the responsibility that comes with hosting the 2032 European Championship. As Italy eagerly prepares to welcome the tournament, there is a determination to ensure that it leaves a lasting and positive legacy, not just within the world of sport, but also in terms of political relations and societal development.

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