Abete: Predictable verdict. Football needs mediation to be saved

In a recent interview with Tuttosport, Giancarlo Abete, the President of Lega Serie D, has provided his insights on the Super League and its recent verdict.

Abete discussed the role of the European Club Association (ECA) in the UEFA, remarking, “The ECA was a very aggressive counterpart of ours.” Abete hailed Michel Platini’s mediation efforts, which saw ECA become a part of the UEFA with voting rights in the executive, a position later filled by Agnelli and Rummenigge. He implied that it’s a natural dynamic in sports politics that clubs have needs different from those of institutions, requiring mediation to safeguard everyone’s interests.

Referring to the recent verdict about the Super League, Abete stated that “the verdict was, in my opinion, quite predictable.” He pointed out the specific nature of sports and how it has not been recognised for some time, making such a decision rather inevitable. However, Abete expressed the complexity of implementing the verdict and the challenges involved in creating a new international competition from scratch. He emphasized the importance of understanding what the clubs want as a first measure.

In regards to the future of the Super League, Abete voiced his hope for unity in football and the absence of divisions. He speculated that there’s a potential for the two conflicting parties to find common ground. Abete argued that clubs usually gain satisfaction when they approach matters intelligently. However, Abete criticized the Super League plan of April 2021 as being a rift that typically leads to nothing. Still, he hinted at the willingness for dialogue, which is crucial in such matters. Despite the official positions, he stressed the importance of diplomacy in these sports political situations.

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