A top club distances itself from Bologna’s Zirkzee; reasons revealed

Joshua Zirkzee’s transfer saga takes a new turn as the Bologna striker drifts further from AC Milan.

According to Manuele Baiocchini, speaking to Sky Sport, the likelihood of Joshua Zirkzee moving to Milan as their new striker has diminished.

“The quotations for Zirkzee have dropped,” Baiocchini said in his report.

The Dutch attacker, currently with Bologna, has again caught the eye of Bayern Munich.

The requested commissions by Zirkzee’s agent, combined with the renewed interest from the Bavarian club, could steer the player away from Milan.

Baiocchini highlighted, “It’s not just the financial aspects; Bayern’s interest plays a significant role in this transfer.”

As it stands, Zirkzee’s future seems increasingly tied to a move back to Bayern Munich rather than a switch to AC Milan.

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