A former player is certain that Icardi would be the perfect addition for Roma.

In a potential transfer move that could electrify the upcoming transfer window, former Roma player Vincent Candela is advocating for the arrival of Mauro Icardi at the club.

Vincent Candela, who previously donned the yellow and red kit, expressed his views in an interview with Corriere di Roma.

“The striker must ensure 20 goals. Someone like Icardi would be a guarantee because in that role, […]” said Candela to the Italian daily.

His endorsement has only added fuel to the rumours surrounding Icardi’s future as the forward’s performance standards align with Roma’s ambition to boost their attacking prowess.

Roma has yet to officially comment on their interest in Icardi, but Candela’s remarks highlight the club’s potential strategy for the next transfer window.

As fans eagerly await further developments, the prospect of Icardi joining Roma could well become the highlight of the summer transfer season.

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