Zola shares account of Hazard driving Sarri mad at Chelsea

Gianfranco Zola has shared insights about the relationship between Maurizio Sarri and Eden Hazard during their time at Chelsea in a recent episode of Obi Mikel’s podcast.

Zola commented, “Hazard drove Sarri crazy. In training, when Maurizio would start, Eden would say ‘ok, mister’, then he’d lower his head and respond in this way because he didn’t enjoy repeating the same things. He wanted to do different things, more enjoyable things, because he was very skilled and could win games on his own. Despite this, he was fantastic.”

Zola went on to express that Hazard was not particularly keen on the routines of training and gym workouts but that didn’t affect his performance or stature as a great player. He stated, “He was always there in crucial moments. For instance, we played in Cardiff and we were losing. Hazard was on the bench for rest. The fans started to chant against Sarri, Hazard came on the field and completely changed the game.”

Zola, who is himself considered one of Chelsea’s greatest players, praised Hazard for how the Belgian forward saved them in countless situations with his talent. “He saved us so many times with his talent that I can only praise him. As a player and as a person,” the Italian legend declared. This conversation is sure to fuel discussion among Chelsea fans about the club’s previous managerial regime and the star power of Eden Hazard.

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