Zoff supports Allegri: Results matter, not the spectacle

Former Juventus and national goalkeeper, Dino Zoff, has weighed in on the recent performance of his old team during an interview on ‘Radio Anch’io Sport’.

Zoff praised current manager Massimiliano Allegri’s performance, emphasizing his effectiveness despite certain challenges. He was quoted as saying, “Allegri is managing the team in the best possible way. He has found a way to achieve remarkable results. Despite all the setbacks he has faced, he is doing great things.”

Zoff further highlighted that Allegri’s role isn’t just to squeeze the best out of his squad but also to adapt to their unique attributes, a skill he believes Allegri has demonstrated well this season. This approach may not always lead to flashy football, but according to the ex-goalkeeper, success in sport also heavily relies on the end result.

The former Juventus star also expressed his views on the current style of play, which emphasizes excessive ball possession. He believes teams are using this strategy not to score goals, but as a defensive tactic. Zoff says, “This exaggerated possession, with thousands of passes back to the goalkeeper, looks like a training session, it lacks grit and power.”

Reflecting on the role of the goalkeeper in modern football, Zoff underlined the importance of focusing on a goalie’s primary job – to stop the ball with their hands. In his view, although a goalkeeper who can play well with their feet does add value, it’s essential not to overlook the key aspects of the role.

Lastly, he lamented the disruptive role of VAR, claiming that it frequently interrupts the flow of the match, negatively impacting the overall spectator experience.

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