Zeman on Juve in Pescara: A fan for many years, then that offside…

Zdenek Zeman, coach of Pescara, has made some pointed remarks concerning Juventus Next Gen ahead of their much-anticipated clash. The experienced trainer shared his thoughts during a press conference, and he didn’t shy away from throwing a jab at the club.

The coach stated, “They are a youthful team with immense talent. Technically, they are very sound, and we should not allow them to dominate the game. Their position in the league does not reflect their true worth.”

Zeman also mentioned that the break has not allowed them to prepare as they wanted. He cited injuries, Covid, and influenza as issues that have hampered their optimum performance.

The Pescara coach expressed his hope that, despite these setbacks, the work they have done should suffice. Turning to his past, he reflected on his previous affiliation with Juventus, saying, “I was a Juventus fan for many years until ’74. I then lost to offside against them and understood that it is tough to compete.”

The direct quotes and comments used above were taken from Zeman’s public appearance at the press conference.

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