Zazzaroni: Too Many Prejudices Against Allegri

Once again, Ivan Zazzaroni has come to the defence of Massimiliano Allegri following criticism, despite Juventus’ recent win against Frosinone.

Despite Juventus maintaining a reasonable distance behind Inter at the top of the table, Allegri continues to face criticism. The Director of Corriere dello Sport has offered a robust defence. “It’s fashionable to repeat that Vlahovic doesn’t score as much as he did in Florence, because he received more balls from a very proactive team, and that Juve concedes few goals because it raises almost insurmountable walls and often plays a defensive game,” said the Director, supporting Allegri.

He also compared Juventus’ performance relative to the previous year, stating that the ‘Christmas 2023 Juve’ has only three points more compared to the previous year, and yet the assessments on Allegri’s work have hardly changed. He suggested that the world of football is the ‘earthly paradise of prejudices and cliches’. In his view, Allegri’s criticism stems more from popular perceptions than actual performance. This discussion was featured in a recent article in Corriere dello Sport.

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