Ivan Zazzaroni, a well-known journalist, has spoken about Roma’s performance against Slavia Prague in his editorial for Corriere dello Sport. In his editorial, he made some critical comments about the team’s performance.

According to Zazzaroni, “Roma showed the worst of themselves against Slavia Prague, so the fans can rest assured: they won’t be able to repeat it, not even if they want to. The technical and tactical monstrosities that Llorente, N’Dicka, and Bove combined on the 2-0 goal are unique; only Karsdorp’s uncertainties could be repeated: when the ball comes to him, he always plays backward, or the opposite. He and the courage to dare are not compatible. However, be careful: Kristensen, not on the UEFA list, is not better. This time even Lukaku did not do well, often anticipated or, at best, neglected (see Celik’s unlikely incursion). El Shaarawy hid for the time he was on the field, while Aouar didn’t even show up, forcing Mourinho to substitute him quickly. We saw the saddest Juventus version of Paredes.”

Zazzaroni’s observations highlight the areas where Roma fell short in their recent match. His comments will be a point of discussion among football fans and analysts as Roma looks to improve in their upcoming matches.

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