Zazzaroni: Gatti’s impact on Juve’s moment outshines some of his shortcomings

Prominent journalist Ivan Zazzaroni has offered his assessment of Federico Gatti’s performance in the Juventus-Napoli match in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

Zazzaroni remarked on Gatti’s significant impact on the team’s current form and position, even helping to overlook some of his flaws. He acknowledged that many continue to frown upon the style of play exhibited by the Juventus team this season.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even though I may only agree with a few of them,” Zazzaroni was quoted by Corriere dello Sport.

He put forward his thoughts on the ongoing discussions about financial issues in football, such as missing millions, debts, revenues, and company evaluations, mentioning the Champions areas, playoff rounds, and tournament eliminations.

Zazzaroni expressed his belief that the mission of Juventus’ manager Allegri should only be to make the most of the resources at his disposal, independent of how he achieves the desired outcomes.

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