Zazzaroni accuses Giuntoli of telling only lies about the market

Renowned Mediaset journalist Zazzaroni has reportedly made a jibe at Giuntoli during an interview before the kick-off of the Juventus versus Frosinone match.

The light-hearted remark was made in reference to the ongoing transfer market, and, in particular, the possible deal involving Samardzic.

In a somewhat cheeky tone, Zazzaroni is quoted as saying, “I’ve known Giuntoli for a few years – he only tells lies about the market. He will say he doesn’t know Samardzic’s dad…” according to Juventus News 24.

It is clear, in typical sporting jest, Zazzaroni was teasing Giuntoli about his involvement and knowledge – or purported lack thereof – in the potentially significant transfer of Samardzic.

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