Zaniolo could choose between Atalanta and Fiorentina, according to sources on the Galatasaray midfielder struggle.

Zaniolo and the DUEL between Atalanta and Fiorentina for Galatasaray’s playmaker. The current transfer situation

Atalanta is experiencing a very intense period regarding the negotiations for Nicolo Zaniolo. The point-to-point duel with Fiorentina is approaching its conclusion.

According to reports gathered by our editorial team, both clubs have set their sights on the talented playmaker who has made a significant impact at Galatasaray.

“The negotiations are progressing very quickly, and it’s a tight race between Atalanta and Fiorentina,” a source close to the negotiation process told our reporters.

Atalanta sees Zaniolo as a key addition to strengthen their attacking options, while Fiorentina is equally determined to bring him onboard to enhance their squad.

Galatasaray is reportedly open to letting Zaniolo leave, but they are waiting for the right offer that meets their valuation of the player.

A source within Fiorentina commented, “We believe Zaniolo has the potential to be a game-changer for us. Our technical team is working hard to secure his transfer.”

As the days go by, the certainty of Zaniolo’s next move is getting closer, with fans eagerly waiting for the final decision.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing transfer saga.

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