Zaniolo could be useful to Atalanta according to Nerazzurri fans.

Atalanta fans have taken to social media to discuss the potential signing of former Roma playmaker Nicolò Zaniolo.

Rumours linking Zaniolo with the Serie A club are growing increasingly persistent as the transfer window approaches.

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding these rumours, a recent Instagram survey aimed to capture the current sentiments of Atalanta supporters.

“Zaniolo would be a great addition to the team,” said one fan, reflecting the general optimism among the base, as seen in the survey responses. “He’s got the skill and creativity we need.”

Another fan expressed a more cautious approach, stating, “While Zaniolo is undoubtedly talented, we need to consider his injury history.”

The survey revealed a mixed bag of opinions, but the overall mood leaned towards excitement at the prospect of Zaniolo joining.

While the club has yet to make any official comment on the rumours, the buzz among the fans indicates a strong interest in securing the playmaker’s services.

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