Zaniolo case: Lawyer speaks out, “He confirmed to me that he never placed any bets. Here’s what happens now.”

Zaniolo case, speaks the lawyer of the Aston Villa player, involved in the gambling case: his statements.
Gianluca Tognozzi, lawyer who will defend Nicolò Zaniolo against the accusations in the gambling case, spoke about his client to Gazzetta dello Sport.

THE WORDS – “He has never bet. He also told me that. It is possible that he played card games like poker or blackjack on illegal online platforms, without knowing they were illegal, but we will clarify everything. Risks? a fine of a few hundred euros. All this unless there was a repetition of the offense so great as to make it impossible to impose only a pecuniary penalty. It is premature to hypothesize specific dates to be heard, if necessary, by the investigators.”

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