Xabi Alonso responds to Real Madrid speculation: I’m good at Leverkusen

Reports surfacing from Movistar+ suggest that former Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso could be the next manager of Real Madrid, replacing Ancelotti from the upcoming season.

Speaking to Movistar+, Alonso reportedly downplayed the rumours about his potential move, musing on his contractual obligations by saying, “A clause? These are contractual issues. I feel very comfortable here now, I am very tied to this club.”

The Spanish legend, known for his technical prowess and game vision, didn’t outright deny the speculation, indicating that possible changes could be in store for the club in the near future. However, he expressed his deep association and comfort at his current position, sparking intrigue about his next move in the football world.

No more explicit details have been provided thus far, leaving fans, pundits, and football enthusiasts worldwide speculating about the realities and implications of this potential change in Real Madrid’s management. Updates will be provided as the story progresses.

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