Who will be at the top after the next break: Milan, Inter, Juventus, or Fiorentina?

Four teams in the top circle: who will be first at the next pause for the National teams among them? Often, in press conferences, Serie A coaches make it clear that they have in mind the moments of pause for the national teams as opportunities to take stock of the situation and a balance that takes into account both the recent period and future prospects. From next weekend, a mini-cycle of 4 matches will begin before the new break. Currently, the standings see this quartet of teams close together: Milan with 21 points; Inter 19; Juventus and Fiorentina 17. What commitments will they have to face?

MILAN – Everything or at least a lot will be decided immediately: Milan-Juventus and Napoli-Milan. If the Rossoneri were to confirm their lead after these two matches, they would absolutely be the favorites, even though there is still a long way to go until the end of the first half of the season. Udinese at San Siro and Lecce away could consolidate their lead, although the championship is constantly surprising us with unexpected situations.

INTER – Best attack and less beaten defense, yet they are not in first place. This paradox can be corrected provided they don’t throw away any points. Torino away, Roma at home (without Dybala?), Atalanta in Bergamo, and closing at the Meazza against Frosinone. This match, considering their recent performances against Sassuolo and Bologna, could be the most dangerous due to distractions.

JUVENTUS – Allegri will surely be asked if he considers Juventus a title contender in case of a victory against Milan at home. Beyond the coach’s response, they should then confirm their home form against Verona and Cagliari, interrupted by a tricky match like the one in Florence. However, without the “distraction” of European competitions…

FIORENTINA – Vincenzo Italiano is now called to take a further leap in quality to further enlarge the dreams that are being fostered in the city. It starts with the Tuscan derby against Empoli, then Lazio at the Olimpico and Juve at the Franchi, to finally close at home against Bologna. Of the four, they are the only one that has three appointments where they can take advantage of the support of their fans. If they were to earn 10 points, using the English average, what future perspective would they start to cultivate?

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