Wenger confident: Club World Cup will have a positive impact

Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, has made a statement on the new Club World Cup instated by Fifa. His comments were collected by Ansa, an Italian leading newswire service.

Speaking fervently about the forthcoming tournament, Wenger suggested that the Fifa Club World Cup, due to kick-off in 2025, will have a significant positive impact.

“Because it will increase the resources available for clubs worldwide to develop and compete, it will also contribute significantly to making football truly global,” Wenger was quoted by the Italian wire service.

The football stalwart further postulated that national squads and club teams are the primary powerhouses in football. He said there’s a logical overlap in the idea of Fifa organising a World Cup with a structure vaguely akin to that of international competitions.

Wenger also turned his viewpoint to the European perspective, expressing that “we Europeans are fortunate”, but highlighted the importance of football becoming genuinely global.

“Our aim is to offer more players worldwide convincing opportunities to compete at the foremost level,” the former Arsenal boss stated.

Moreover, he believes fans are excited to witness their clubs rival on the global stage.

Understanding the schedule’s denseness, Wenger emphasised that the tournament will take place every four years, requiring respect for rest periods during and after.

“In the last 20 years there has been a huge increase, if you consider injury prevention, recovery, nutrition, and advancements in medical technology,” he added, talking about how the sport has evolved over time.

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