Voti & Stats: Sassuolo-Salernitana – Dionisi’s 29 shots not enough to win

Sassuolo and Salernitana played out a 2-2 draw, and both coaches, Alessio Dionisi and Filippo Inzaghi, have expressed their thoughts on the match. Inzaghi expressed regret at his team’s failure to score a third goal and said that it’s normal to have some fear when playing away, especially since Salernitana haven’t won since January.

Dionisi, on the other hand, lamented that “this time, the goals were missed, when usually we score them.” The data provided by Lega Calcio shows that Sassuolo attempted to make a comeback, creating triple the number of chances as Salernitana. This supports the coach’s complaint about offensive errors. The team’s vitality was also evident in the second half, with 20 shots out of a total of 29.

While Ochoa made 7 saves, Consigli failed to stop the winning goals by Ikwuemesi and Dia. Another relevant statistic is the 19 crosses made by Sassuolo compared to 4 by Salernitana. However, Salernitana’s technical abilities are evident in their superiority in dribbling, with 8 compared to Sassuolo’s 3.

The draw on the pitch and the identical verdict for the two managers led to both being rated with a 6 by La Gazzetta dello Sport. In their comments, Dionisi described the start as “shocking,” with the team feeling drained and disheartened, while Inzaghi pointed out the team’s lack of play in the latter part of the match.

The crucial statements included Inzaghi saying “Cose semplici, gol-lampo e di qualità. Poi? La squadra non gioca più e conclude meno. Però, altro punto pesante” and Dionisi’s comment “Inizio shock e squadra come svuotata, moscia. La reazione è vera e seria: due pali mortificano un Sassuolo che non vince più.”

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