Vlahovic on Juve benching: Not angry, respects coach’s decisions

Juventus striker, Dusan Vlahovic, addressed the media through DAZN ahead of the Serie A match against Frosinone.

There’s always been a buzz about the forward. When asked about his performance and zeal displayed in the game, Vlahovic said, “I know, there’s an immense desire to win, to help the team, to thrill the fans. It’s not easy for a striker when he doesn’t score or isn’t regularly hitting the back of the net. But I remain calm, wanting to contribute even more to the team,” as per DAZN.

When discussing how he handled the period when he wasn’t scoring, he remained stoic. Vlahovic stated, “I was always very calm. You can’t change the past. You have to live in the present to improve the future. You always have to be on it, I worked every day as always. I’m happy about the goal but it’s already past, I’m focused on the next one.”

On the topic of being benched by the coach, the Juventus striker showed respect for his coach’s decision. He was quoted by DAZN saying, “It wasn’t easy to accept the coach’s decision but one must respect it. It’s not important who starts or who comes off the bench, with five substitutions, it’s like two games in one. I remained calm, cool-headed, focusing on helping the team. I wasn’t angry, you can be decisive even from the bench. I respect all his choices.”

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