Viviano: “I don’t like the opinion that Roma is so strong because, for me, they are not”

Emiliano Viviano, goalkeeper for Ascoli, spoke to Tv Play about the current situations at Roma under Mourinho and Fiorentina under Italiano. Viviano, who has played for both clubs in the past, expressed his opinion on their respective strengths.

According to Viviano, he disagrees with the popular opinion that Roma is a strong team because, in his view, they are not. He then turned his attention to Fiorentina, stating that they have the third highest wage bill in Serie A, but this is due to the fact that they sign players on free transfers. Viviano acknowledged that Roma is better than Fiorentina, but he believes that there are three or four players in the Viola squad who could easily play for Roma.

In terms of individual comparisons, Viviano mentioned that in his opinion, Giacomo Bonaventura would take the place of Lorenzo Pellegrini in the Roma lineup. He also pointed out that players like Nikola Milenkovic or Evan Ndicka would not be able to compete with their Roma counterparts. Viviano did not see any comparison between the two teams in these specific positions.

It is worth noting that Viviano’s remarks are his personal opinion and may not be shared by others. Both Roma and Fiorentina have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the upcoming season under the guidance of Mourinho and Italiano, respectively.

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