Viviani to Leave Catanzaro, Says Money Not a Factor

Vincenzo Vivarini has bid farewell to Catanzaro.

The manager, who led the Calabrian side to the semi-finals of the Serie B playoffs, has announced his departure.

In a statement reported by La Nuova, Vivarini said, “It is with a heavy heart that I announce my decision to leave Catanzaro.”

He added, “I have cherished my time with the club and am grateful for the memories we have created together.”

Several teams have expressed interest in Vivarini following his departure.

Rumours suggest that prominent clubs in both Serie A and Serie B are keeping a close eye on the experienced manager.

Meanwhile, Catanzaro are now in search of Vivarini’s successor.

The club is reportedly considering various candidates, with an announcement expected in the coming days.

As the football world watches closely, the next chapter in Vivarini’s career is highly anticipated.

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